Attn Chamber Members: NEW Christmas Tree Campaign

Barrhead and District Chamber executive committee is excited to announce that we are going to be launching a NEW Christmas Tree Campaign for the upcoming Christmas Shopping Season. As a sub- committee of the executives, we have been planning a NEW Christmas Campaign to generate excitement and gain further sales into our business community, all of your stores! We are still in the drafting stages, but have drawn a quick draft of our proposed campaign, please see the attached game board design for further details.

With this campaign, we are hoping to encourage shoppers to enter many different businesses in order to fill their card and win the prizes associated. This particular campaign is not able to be won with simply 1 purchase and will be more of a game format to achieve all of the 'Christmas Ornaments' in order to win. Dependent on the number of participating businesses, a shopper may be required to attend the 15+ businesses to be eligible to win. We encourage many of our business members to take part in this campaign to bring further sales into your businesses and support our business community.

A brief outline of the game:
With our new game board format we have decided on a Christmas Tree shape with different 'Ornaments' attached to the tree. The identify that the ornament has been received from shopping in a business, all participating businesses will receive colored stamps. The idea behind this Christmas campaign is that there are certain businesses associated with each row and you must go to a certain amount of those businesses in order to finish the row. For example; 1 row of the Christmas Tree may have 5 'Ornaments' but there will be 9 businesses associated with that row, meaning the shopper must purchase at 5 businesses in order to complete the row. There will be a dollar value associate with each space and you may only use stamps from the associated businesses to receive that 'ornament'. Shoppers will be required to fill the whole tree to enter to win, currently the prizes will be $1000, $750 and $500 in chamber cash. All 'Shop Local' participating businesses are listed on the Chamber cash in order for the winnings to be spend at participating merchant stores.

The cost for a business to be a part of the Christmas Tree Campaign and Chamber Cash is $150.00 via the 'Shop Local' portion of the invoices sent out earlier this year. We currently have 23 participating businesses and are looking to give the opportunity to any remaining Chamber members to be included in this campaign. We have a print deadline of September 30th, and would require confirmation from Businesses wishing to participate prior to September 30th to add your business name onto the Tree. We also welcome any Chamber members that would like to participate in the planning of this campaign to join our team at any time!

A few other ideas that are in the works of this committee:
-Barrhead Christmas Catalogue
-Local Dollars Marketing Campaign to build value in a consumers dollar

If anyone has any questions please contact: