Rapid Covid-19 Screening Test now available

RAPID COVID-19 SCREENING TEST is now being offered

The Barrhead and District Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce,
the Government of Alberta is partnering with the Alberta Chamber of Commerce to provide free rapid tests to businesses within our community.

What is a Rapid Test?
• Rapid testing screening programs can identify pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic cases – people who do not know they are infected with COVID 19 – so they can be isolated early to stop the spread.
Who Can Apply:
• All businesses and non-profit entities in the Province of Alberta
• To provide enhanced workplace screening to help guard against the spread of COVID-19
How to Apply:
• Contact: Rita Lyster at 780-284-0859 or at lysterenterprises@gmail.com
• Fill out an application form (Chamber will provide) which includes the rapid testing guidelines and terms and conditions.
• Note: this is for regular screening of staff of ONCE or TWICE weekly and is not intended for occasional use.
Weekly Reporting:
• The Organization must provide weekly reporting every Monday to the Chamber (via Rita Lyster)
• The reporting period is per week from start of day Sunday through to end of day Saturday. With the following information requested:
o Number of Screening Tests used;
o Number of invalid Screening Test results;
o Number of individuals who tested positive with a Screening Test;
o Number of individuals who tested negative with a Screening Test; and
o Number of any known positive Screening Tests that were:
 Confirmed positive for COVID-19 through a follow-up, lab-based polymerase chain reaction (“PCR”) test;
 Confirmed negative for COVID-19 through a follow-up, lab-based PCR test; and
 Unconfirmed through a follow-up, lab-based PCR test because results are pending or unknown.

Registering Individuals:
• The Organization will put in place a process for registering individuals for Screening Tests, and obtaining their consent prior to receiving a Screening Test.

Privacy and Security Measures:
• The Organization will put in place the following privacy and security measures to protect the confidentiality of Screening Test results:
o Screening Tests will be conducted in a private location,
o Screening Test results will be delivered to the individual confidentially; and
o Records about Screening Tests and the results of the tests will be stored in a secure manner, such as in a locked filing cabinet or an encrypted electronic format, and only individuals who need to know the information will have access to it.

If this initiative is something your organization is interested in, please review the attached application form thoroughly before contacting Rita Lyster at 780 284 0859 or lysterenterprises@gmail.com.

Rapid Testing Program

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